Jan Coutts by Belgravia Gallery

Belgravia Gallery

Royal Academy trained New Zealand artist, Jan Coutts, began her journey of painting the wild animals of Africa when she first visited the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation area in Tanzania during the early 90’s. Since then, Coutts has been exhibiting extensively all over the world such as New York, Glasgow, Amsterdam and London.

Coutt’s technique of vividly capturing the safari animals against thick fluid backgrounds offer an interesting layer of texture onto the canvas. The art critic – A.J. Tripping – aptly captures the essence of her work in the following: “Against the silent metronome of evaporation, cracking, blistering, whitening the animals appeared as spectral flurries of speed and shimmering elegance, occasional explosions of life at its most intense were taking place.”

With the signature golden tones that she uses, her works are highly recognizable at any show. Viewers can immediately associate her name to her works, no matter the difference in animal or background.

This December, Belgravia Gallery has the pleasure of exhibiting a new range of works by Coutts, having previously hosted the artist back in 2013. The quintessential African backdrop from the last exhibition continues in her new pieces with the subjects of her paintings now expanding to include elephants and other iconic African animals.


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