Mandela Impression/Struggle Series

Belgravia Gallery

Mandela Struggle Series:

The ‘Struggle Series’ is a collection of sketches by Nelson Mandela that defines his nation’s struggles through the imagery of hands. He explains that hands are “powerful instruments” which can “hurt or heal, punish or uplift. They can also be bound but a quest for righteousness can never be repressed.” The ideology of Mandela breaking free from the shackles of injustice, joining hands across social divides and national boundaries can be seen vividly from this series. But most of all, it is his hope in the presiding piece “Future” that stands out amongst the other sketches in the series after all, it is the younger generation that are those who “remind us of love, of trust and value of life” as he so aptly explains

Mandela Impression:

What’s so extraordinary about the ‘Impression of Africa’ is the unintentional imprint of Africa left in the negative spacing in palm of the freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela. Born as royalty into the Thembu clan, Mandela exceeded at being a leader to his people and is considered a world leader against social injustice in our contemporary society. Yet this organic imprint that happened by chance reflects his duty and significance for Africa as a continent. It is for this exact reason, raising money to combat the devastating HIV epidemic in his homeland, that these sketches were made. HIV has impacted millions of children in Africa and it is with their hand print impressions that Mandela sort to create a haunting image of sadness which reflect the tragic dilemma of his continent.


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