Maki Mandela interview with Matthew Stadlen

Maki Mandela; Matthew Stadlen

Matthew Stadlen (born 7 December 1979) is an English television presenter and producer for the BBC. He presents the BBC interview series Five Minutes With…, putting questions to the likes of Elle MacphersonStephen FryRichard DawkinsMartin AmisPeter HitchensSerena Williams and Ricky Gervais. His documentaries appear on the BBC News Channel, BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Four. He worked as a journalist on The Bulletin in Brussels and co-wrote The Politics Companion (2004), before joining the BBC in September 2004. Stadlen worked as a producer on the BBC One show This Week and output edited some of the programmes, and also worked on Newsnight. Stadlen has presented and produced Five Minutes With… since 2008 and has interviewed over 190 public figures, including Sir Ben Kingsley, Nigella Lawson, Gary Lineker, Dawn French, Philip Pullman, Juliette Binoche, Ian McEwan and Tim Vine.[1] He has made 26 documentaries for the BBC News Channel seriesOn The Road With…. Subjects have included Nigel Kennedy, Tracey Emin, Nicola Benedetti, Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski, Stuart Broad, Eton Head Master Tony Little, Bryn Terfel and Elle Macpherson

Link to our news article – Belgravia Gallery


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