What You Probably Didn’t Know About Belgravia Gallery and the Works of Nelson Mandela

Belgravia Gallery

The Belgravia Gallery can be found on Maddox Street in the heart of the major art district within Mayfair. With the mother-daughter duo behind the gallery, it offers a personally tailored service in order for their clients to find the best works suited to their needs.

The private collection the gallery holds itself contains a vast number of works including those from the famed artists such as Picasso, Matisse and Andy Warhol. The gallery also acts as the official sellers for activist, Nelson Mandela, and HRH The Prince of Wales own works of art where they are displayed on the newly installed state of the arts racking system, making them available to the public and potential buyers all year round.

In addition to their gallery in central London, Belgravia Gallery also has another gallery in Surrey Hills which is set up so that the beautiful pieces of works can be viewed with homely backdrop.

Nelson Mandela’s Artworks

The renowned sketches of Nelson Mandela, which currently reside in Belgravia Gallery’s Mayfair location, were part of a scheme where the money raised were to go directly to his charity in support of Aids.

His artworks capture the horror of seventeen years as a prisoner on Robben Island in an eerily serene setting with strong black charcoal outlines juxtaposed against vivid colours. It is evident within these pieces that they were drawn with love which prevails over adversity and brutality experienced there.


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