Looking at the Top Art News of the Month

This month has been an outstanding month for art and art news. We are here to tell you the latest and greatest in the art world.

First of all, we learned that Kate Middleton is to present an Art Fund museum award. Middleton is to attend this event with big-name artists such as Antony Gormley, Grayson Perry and Micheal Craig-Martin. There are a number of different organisations up for this award and Middleton will present the award to one lucky winner along with a prize of 100,000 pounds!

Also in art news is a Swiss art museum, which has gotten into an awful lot of trouble due to a collection of Alberto Giacometti pieces being found which were actually stolen. This collection of paintings includes 16 sketches and 101 photographs which were reportedly stolen years ago. However, at this time the museum itself hasn’t said much leading towards who had stolen these paintings and photographs.

On a lighter note, the Art Institute of Chicago has recently gotten their hands on a Sebastian Del Piombo painting called ‘Christ Carrying The Cross’. They plan on bringing this piece into their permanent collection which is great news.

Art is something that should my admired by everyone, whether they are in the creative industry or not. An art professor called Emeritus Wayne Theibaud has decided to give talks to medical students about art and humanities at the UC Davis Health System in Sacremento. Thiebaud is working with a medical professor Faith Fitzgerald in order to give a wide variety of art talks around the country.

He hopes that these lectures will help students see the relationship between art and science and how they are not polar opposites like most people generally perceive.

Finally, its time to celebrate as Marian Goodman has been awarded a Leo Award for independent creators. We a see a lot of artists being awarded for their hard work, but we sometimes forget about the curators who play a huge part in the art world. Goodman has had a huge commitment to the art world since she opened her gallery in 1977. She has held shows for many famous artists and has definitely helped in the progression of modern art. We wish her well for the future.

In general, it has been an exciting month for art and artists, we are looking forward to the events of this month and hope our readers have an enjoyable month.


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